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Azərbaycan Mühəndislik Akademiyasının

of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy

Азербайджанской Инженерной Академии

Beynəlxalq elmi-texniki jurnal
The international scientifically technical journal
Международный научно-технический журнал

Cild 11. №4 / Vol. 11. №4 / Том 11. №4

BAKI – 2019


Pashayev A.M., Janahmadov A.Kh., Aliev A.A.
Evaluation of impact of super high speed microparticle on aircraft outer surface in
the upper layers of troposphere 9
Abdullayev Kh.I., Hasanov R.A., Huseyn-zade B.E.
S-band telecommunication system for small satellite 15
Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Janahmadov A.Kh., Volchenko D.A., Javadov M.Y., Volchenko N.A., Fedotov E.S., Vitvitsky V.S.
Energy-loading of self-ventilated disc of vehicle with braking spikes 23
Gulaliyev I.D., Veliyeva S.M., Sadirzadeh I.A.
Detergent dispersant additives for motor oils 31
Oil and Gas
Samedov T.A., Novruzova S.G.
Decision making based on the distribution of the indices characterizing work of well 36
Tairov C.N., Kerimova A.Q.
Study of PVT-properties of reservoir fluids in the exploitation of oil-gas fields 43
Chemical Technology
Allahverdiyeva A.T.
Determination of electromagnetic drive effort of a solid magnetic solenoid 52
Zeynalov A.N.
Influence of electrical and magnetic fields on the rate of precipitation of solid
body particles in the liquid 57
Javadov N.G., Yagubzade N.Y., Mekhtiev J.S.
The development of high spectral resolution of the device AC-2 61
Hasanov M.H.
7D optical photon switch fully optical network 65
Nabiyev R.N., Abdullayev A.A., Qarayev Q.I.
Development stages of lithium batteries 70
Information Technology
Eminov R.A.
Assessment of atmospheric fronts on tropospheric delay of GPS signals 82
Muslumov S.Y.
Application of social taxes: realities and ways of improvement 85
Qasimov V.E., Aghayev N.F.
Ways to increase effectiveness index (lpi) in the logistics system of the Republic of Azerbaijan 96
Ismayilova R.A.
Urea production in azerbaijan - new perspectives of the country’s scientific potential 104
Aliyev M.İ., Hasanova U.Y.
Mineral waters of the south-western part of the lesser caucasus and prospects of their usage 108
Ahmedova N.Y.
Mineralogical composition of secondary quarcites of the chiragdara ore field 111
Aliyeva F.Kh., Sadikhova L.R., Guliyev J.A., Ajamov K.Y., Guseynova E.A.
Environmental monitoring of the petroleum hydrocarbons contamination of caspian sea sediments 116
Ahmedov Sh.A., Novruzova S.N.
Use of alternative energy sources and energy production by biogas installation 124

Content of the 11th volume (January – December 2019) 129