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Azərbaycan Mühəndislik Akademiyasının

of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy

Азербайджанской Инженерной Академии

Beynəlxalq elmi-texniki jurnal
The international scientifically technical journal
Международный научно-технический журнал

Cild 11. №2 / Vol. 11. №2 / Том 11. №2

BAKI – 2019

Applied Physics
Javadov N.G., Askerov K.A.
Research physical properties of PT-3V alloy 7
Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Janahmadov A.Kh., Volchenko A.I., Javadov M.Y.,
Volchenko N.A., Zhuravlev D.Y., Fedotov E.S.
Influence of humidity on exploitation parameters of tribocoupling
of braking mechanisms and its removal from surfaces 15
Gafarov A.M., Suleymanov P.H., Kalbiyev F.M., Gafarov V.A.
Analysis of mathematical methods in the study of reliabilty and durabilty of machines
and equipment working in extreme condition 24
Panahov T.M., Ahmedov V.I., Isayeva A.A.
Effect of elastic tension on the magnetic characteristics of recycled steel 33
Ibragimov N.Y.
Haracteristics and re-treatment for restoration of reciprocating piston pumps 37
Ragimova M.S., Gafarov F.M., Namazova Q.I.
Research of reliability of ring weld of pipeline connections 43
Oil and Gas
Habibov I.A., Najafquliyeva R.S.
Estimation of the final temperature distribution in the heat exchanger based on the heat transfer process 47
Ismaylov G.G., Iskenderov E.Kh., Ismaylova F.B., Melikov M.A.
Investigation of influence of water encroachment and combination of oils on freezing point 52
Adygezalova M.B.
The effect of oil mixing on their group structure 57
Chemical Technology
Ahmadov B.C.
Specific heat capacity of 1-butanol and diesel B0 fuel blends at wide range of state parameters 62
Guseinova E.A.
Group composition of aromatic hydrocarbons in vacuum gasoline oxycracking products 70
Jafarov V.D., Bektashi S.A., Khalilova S.M., Babayeva G.R., Guliyeva G.N.
The creation of polymer compositions resistant to external and aggressive media 77
Mustafayeva R.E.
Study of process chemical modification rubber by a method of planning experiment 83
Balametov A.B., Halilov E.D.
Application of combined equations of the steady-state and thermal balance
for modeling electrical network modes 93
Information Technology
Safarova A.A.
Organization of experiments for the main apparatus of oil refining technology complex 104
Veliev R.Q., Dyshin O.A., Janahmadov A.A.
Econophysics – the newest method of mathematical economy with use of concepts
of statistical physics 108
Ismayilova R.A.
About legal regulation of goods individualization means in Azerbaijan 118
Axmadov Sh.A., Axmadova M.Sh.
Seasonal features of the long-term changes in global climate and their causes 123
Announcement of the competition 130