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Azərbaycan Mühəndislik Akademiyasının

of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy

Азербайджанской Инженерной Академии

Beynəlxalq elmi-texniki jurnal
The international scientifically technical journal
Международный научно-технический журнал

Cild 11. №1 / Vol. 11. №1 / Том 11. №1

BAKI – 2019


Pashayev A.M., Iskenderov I.A., Kerimov S.M.
Problems of modern air navigation and application prospects
of navigation with augmented reality 7
Mechanics and mechanical engineering
Janahmadov A.Kh., Volchenko A.I., Javadov M.Y., Juravlev D.Y.,
Vozny A.V., Vitvitsky V.S.
Calculation and design of frictional pairs of disk-shoe brakes of transport vehicles (Part II) 22
Oil and gas
Shakhverdiev A.H.
Innovative potential of non-stationary flooding for increase in oil recovery of layers 32
Salavatov T.Sh., Abdullaev M.G.
Oil based reagent for boosting oil recovery and isolation of water breakthrough
into oil producing wells 42
Kelbaliyev Q.I., Rasulov S.R., Mustafayeva G.R., Kerimli V.I.
Rheological properties of structured oil disperse systems 54
Chemical technology
Miralamov H.F., Gurbanov G.R., Mammadli S.M., Gasymzade A.V.
Laboratory research of new inhibitor for prevention of corrosion of the oil-field equipment 61
Applied Physics
Aghayeva S.Kh.
Acoustophotovoltaic effect in TlIn1-xCexSe2 mono-crystals 71
Samadov A.S., Cavadov N.H., Askerov K.A.
Production improvement of electron-optical devices 76
Abdullayev Kh.I., Ibragimov R.A., Svikhnushin N.M.
Automatic meteorological complex for amendment of artillery firing 81
Materials science
Раnahov Т.М., Musaev Z.S., İsaeva A.A.
Effect of magnetic resistance of amorphous ferromagnetic alloys with the basic of CoFe 86
Veliev R.Q., Dyshin O.A., Janahmadov A.A.
Econophysics – the newest method of mathematical economy with use of concepts
of statistical physics 90
Markova O.N.
The analysis of competitiveness of the motor transportation enterprises
with use of the technique 7P 102
Abdiyeva-Aliyeva G.A., Amiraslanov X.K.
Prediction of ınfluence of nuclear ımpact on populatıon and objects 111
Aliev B.H., Atababaev E.R., Gasimova N.A., Zeynalova A.F.
Problems of global warming in atmosphere and its impact on desertification 116
People of Science
Anniversary of academician Arif Pashayev 128