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Azərbaycan Mühəndislik Akademiyasının

of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy

Азербайджанской Инженерной Академии

Beynəlxalq elmi-texniki jurnal
The international scientifically technical journal
Международный научно-технический журнал

Cild 10. №4 / Vol. 10. №4 / Том 10. №4

BAKI – 2018

Mechanics and mechanical Engineering
Janahmadov A.Kh., Volchenko A.I., Pirverdiev E.S., Juravlev D.Y., Vozny A.V., Vitvitsky V.S.
On Issue of calculating and designing frictional pairs of disk-shoe brakes of transport vehicles (Part I) 7
Aliyev A.M.
The analysis of power consumption of frictional brakes for trip operations 17
Oil and Gas
Salavatov T.Sh., Mammadova G.G.
Stationary gasodynamic problems on plane-radial filtration of the gas into the well
in the simpliest non-uniform cases of the layer pure gas field 23
Volchenko D.A.
Review of analytical methods of forecasting the flowrate of horizontal wells (Part II) 29
Mammadova E.V.
The methods regulating, relaxation properties of non-newtonian systems 34
Zeynalov N.E., Shmoncheva Y.Y., Kuznetsov V.A., Ismayilov F.N.
To the question of development of technical means for regulation of density of drilling
solutions at the drilling of horizontal wells 38
Aliyeva O.A.
Pecularitus of formation of local UGS in exhausted gas caps of gas-oil field 44
Abishev A.G.
Calculation of permissible intensity of curving additional bores 48
Chemical technology
Nurullayev V.H.
The applacation of modern technologies on during transportation and storage of aviation
fuels for preservation of indicators of quality 52
Badalov A.Z., Izmaylov A.M.
The modern methods and means of cleaning oil pipelines and pipeline fittings from
heavy oil asphaltene-pitch–paraffin and salt sediments 63
Murvatov F.T., Mustafayeva R.E.
The investigation of the effect of nanostructured composites BAYF, BAF-1 and BAF-2 on the
physic-mechanical properties of crude oil 73
Jafarov V.J., Rajabova M.D., Alkhanov P.S., Manafov M.A., Musayeva G.H.
Preparation of polymer composites with utilization of used low density polyethylene 77
Guseinova E.A.
Influence of vacuum gasoline oxycracking conditions on process indicators 82
Markova O.N.
Increase in competitiveness of the Azerbaijani producers by means of creation of electronic trading 90
Aliyev M.I., Guseynov G.S., Abbasov A.G.
The ore stages of mineralization of Gosha field 98
Huseynov M.A.
Photon, its optical properties and gravity emergence 104
Aliev B.H., Atababayev E.R., Zeynalova A.F.
Ecologically safe irrigation technology in the conditions of Azerbaijan 112
Ahmedov Sh.A., Haji-zade F.M., Qurbanova M.A.
Analysis of environmental characteristics of fire extinguishing products employed for
extinguishing fire in petroleum products 119
Huseynov N.Sh., Agayeva A.A.
Statistical analysis of atmospheric phenomeno associated with convective processes
on the territory of Heydar Aliyev International Airport 123
Gezalova S.Sh.
The impact on the marine ecosystems of human settlements artificially created in the water
area of the Caspian sea 128
Contents of Volume 10 (January – December 2018) 132