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Azərbaycan Mühəndislik Akademiyasının

of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy

Азербайджанской Инженерной Академии

Beynəlxalq elmi-texniki jurnal
The international scientifically technical journal
Международный научно-технический журнал

Cild 9. №3 / Vol. 9. №3 / Том 9. №3

BAKI – 2017

Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Sadigov I.R.
Non-linear elastic deformations of non-homogeneous orthotropic flexible concave shells 7
Janahmadov A.Kh., Volchenko A.I., Pirverdiev E.S.,
Volchenko N.A., Vitvitsky V.S., Chufus V.M.
Forced cooling of tribosystem “band-shoe brake” in drilling drawworks (Part I) 18
Aslanov Z.Y.
The development of national standardization systems of the CIS countries
in accordance with international requirements 31
Oil and Gas
Salavatov T.Sh., Khurram Iqbal
Plausible causes of completion tubing failure in gas condensate wells 39
Volchenko D.A., Dumniy O.V.
Watered-out gas wells: means of solving the problem 49
Quliyev A.S., Qurbanov A.N.
Expenditure control of reagents used in offshore gas transportation 56
Dyshin O.A.
Wavelet method for solving the nonstationary fluid filtration problems
in the fractured and porous annular formation 65
Aliyev M.I., Shirinov Y.R., Guseynov G.S.
Some Features of the geological structure and gold composition of
Gyzylbulag deposit (Lesser Caucasus) 82
Iskandarov E.Kh.
The optimal technologies of collection and transportation multiphase
products of offshore wells 92
Chemical Technology
Mustafayeva G.R.
The destruction of the emulsion in a constant electric field 100
Guseynova E.A.
About the nature of active centers bi-seolit catalysts in the oxy-cracking (oxidation
catalytic cracking) of vacuum gas oil 104
Information Technology
Abdullabayli A.A.
Analysis of systemic features of architectural environment by various factors 111
Hajiyev M.A., Khalilov H.A., Alaeva S.M.
Equation of concrete creep with the descending branch and solving relaxation
problems based on it 118
Suleymanov Q.S., Qarayev R.H., Mamedova S.A.
New sources of business financing in Azerbaijan 128
Aliyeva V.S.
Models of development and statistics in consumer demands 134
Alieva Y.N.
Method for optimal assessment of biodiversity in ecological systems 138